2016-17 School Year

First and foremost, I want to thank you for making this school year a success!  We had 46 students graduate from the 8th grade, and we are at our maximum capacity for the 2016-17 school year.  Our success has a lot to do with your commitment and service to our school.

As principal of St. Joseph’s Catholic School, I have two primary goals:

  1. safety
  2. student learning

When a decision or opportunity is presented to me, I always run it through these two goals.  We have 400 students, 37 staff members, over 500 parents, and countless community members that are invested in our school.

With those goals in mind, I want to share some thoughts about next year:

  1. It is important for parents to stay informed by reading the newsletters/Principal’s blog, classroom emails.  These communications are meant to keep parents informed of activities within the school and form an important home-school connection.
  2. We have a uniform at St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  There are no changes to the uniform policy, but it is important for all families to follow the same rules.  Land’s End is now providing the items with our school logo on it.  Other items (i.e. pants, skirts) are available for purchase at many locations in Boise.  As you are shopping for next school year, please remember that shoes: “should be sturdy and safe. No sandals, boots, or flip-flops. Solid color black, brown, red, navy, gray, or white shoes are required. Athletic shoes are acceptable any day but are required on P.E. days.”  There are many places to buy shoes within dress code, but I have been able to find many affordable pairs within those colors at the Nike outlet.  Socks: “should not have stripes or other designs.” Skirts: “no shorter than 3″ above the knee.” Jeans: “no rips, tears, embroidery, hardware, faded blue, washed-out blue or any other color of blue, ill fitting or skinny jeans (slim-fit, snug-fit with tapered legs).”
  3. Students in middle school must maintain a 2.0 (C) or above academic average in all subjects with no failing grades in order to be eligible for participating in school-sponsored athletic teams and extra- curricular activities (including McCall Outdoor Science School for 6th grade).
  4. Deliveries have become an issue for the school.  Countless Jimmy John and other delivery personnel are ringing our school doorbell each day, and it is a safety issue as well as an issue of time.  It is fine for parents to bring lunch to their student on a special day, but please be considerate about not ordering food and items to be delivered to the school.

Important dates:

Thursday, August 18: 1st day of school for grades 1-8

Sunday, August 21: Join us for Mass at 5 p.m. at St. John’s followed by a Back to School Social

Monday, August 22: Kindergartners start school

Thank you for trusting us with your children.  I am praying that you have a safe, restful summer.