2016 Crab Feed Fund a Need Update

Thank you for your support for our “Student Support” Fund a Need at the Crab Feed in February.  $46,600 were raised for the Fund a Need.  The goals for the “Student Support” Fund a Need were:

  • Add a counseling office down by the main office (in part of the current copy/work room).  This would allow the counselor to have a confidential space to meet with students, parents, and staff near the main office.
  • Divide the current office upstairs into two spaces (currently the counseling/reading specialist office).  This would allow for two specialists to be working with students concurrently.

During the 2015-16 school year, our part time counselor and two part time reading specialists were sharing one large office on the second floor.  This arrangement did not allow for all three of them to meet with students at the same time.  It also did not provide a confidential space for phone calls or meetings.  It left one, or more, of these professionals searching for open classroom space or working with students in the hallways.

Construction was completed over the summer.  St. Joseph’s Catholic School has a full time counselor this year, and she has made the office a safe inviting space for students, teachers and families.


The additional split in the reading specialists’ space has allowed for our two reading specialists and our aides to assist more students.


Thank you for contributing to this project.  Space is at a premium at St. Joseph’s Catholic School, and it is a blessing that we were able to create safe spaces for students to learn and grow.