4.17.20 Principal’s News

Happy Friday St. Joseph’s Families,

I do hope you are your families are doing well. I really miss seeing our students and the joy they bring!

Yesterday, the Idaho School Board Association met to discuss criteria for the remote possibility of returning to school sometime in May. The first thing that has to happen is that all restrictions for public interactions are lifted by Governor Little. So, for the time being and until we are informed differently, we will continue working with our students and families in a distance learning environment.

We continue to work hard to provide distance learning to our students – We know that things are not easy at home as you are having to guide that instruction- thank you for your efforts. Our main goal is to continue to provide instruction so students continue to learn. Teachers are evaluating our curricula across subject areas for the essential learning standards and content and skills that are non-negotiable /must complete before the end of the school year- this is the focus of future content.

I have been meeting with all grade levels weekly and this week we worked together on what grading should look like in our distance learning environment for the rest of the 4th quarter. We have made some adjustments as checking for understanding and assessments are very different in a distance learning model.

Here is what you and your child can expect with grading for the remainder of the school year:

  • K-1 will grade their remaining skills in math and ELA with an S or S+. All other subjects – if assignments are given, will be graded the same way S or S+.
  • 2-5th grade  decided to assign one grade per week, per subject assessing the work each student is turning in. They will be grading with S-, S, S+.
  • 6-8th – middle school – will continue grading with a traditional A, B, C, etc. grading scale. Assignments are being adjusted as necessary and needed for student learning.
  • We need grace for our students and families at this time. Late work policies will be adjusted as necessary and needed to support the well-being of our students.
  • Specials will use the same grading criteria based on grade level. There are suggested activities but some do not have required activities.

I hope this information helps as your child/children continue to learn and adjust to this new learning environment. We will get through this by working together, supporting one another and keeping the lines of communication open.  Please let us know if you need anything, have questions or if we can help your family in any way. Thank you for being a part of St. Joseph’s Catholic School community. I will continue to pray for each of you and your families!

For Excellence in Catholic Education


Tammy Emerich


St. Joseph’s Catholic School