Name: Ricardo Yanci
Title/Position: Middle School Religion
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (208) 342-4909

Faculty Bio

“Teaching at St. Joseph’s School has come to be the best decision I have made in my life, but that was not my original intent. I came to Boise from Nevada with the intent of joining the local Basque community while at Boise State University studying accounting. Soon into the second semester I began to think about the career I really wanted to pursue, which was teaching. In addition, the thought of teaching at a Catholic school intrigued me, so I contacted St. Joseph’s School and made arrangements with Sr. Carmen Haddock to observe, eventually student-teaching with her as well. From the moment I arrived I sensed there was something different with St. Joseph’s. I had attended great schools, but I never had the feeling of mutual concern and community that was so present here. Students in fourth grade were eager to help me in their religion classes, and there was the element of being at ease with discussing faith, something I had never experienced ever in my life.