Name: Sara Gamboa
Title/Position: Middle School Language Arts, Reading
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (208) 342-4909

Faculty Bio

Mrs. Sara Gamboa has been teaching middle school English and Reading at St. Joseph's for the last nine years. Originally from Southeastern Idaho, Mrs. Gamboa attended ISU where she earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in English. After moving to Boise in 2002 and working in a variety of jobs, Mrs. Gamboa realized her passion was in teaching, so she enrolled at BSU and earned a second Bachelor's in English teaching. She is currently working on a Master's in English Teaching from BSU. Mrs. Gamboa is passionate about 21st century literacy and critical thinking skills, and hopes to pass that love of learning on to each one of her students.

Mrs. Gamboa's Teacher Profile - St. John's June 23, 2013 Bulletin.

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