Principal’s Blog 9.29.2022

In the style of David Letterman, here are….Top 10 facts St Joe’s parents should know:

  1. Donations for our playground, Playtopia, have reached $705,642.
  2. Classrooms are being outfitted with new projectors and apple tv’s to allow teachers to increase engagement with students.
  3. $7,128- is the cost to educate each child at St. Joseph’s Catholic School.
  4. Look for a website revamp in summer of 2023!
  5. Father Aleksander is fluent in four languages- German, Italian, English and Polish.
  6. St. Joseph’s School Parents volunteered a total of 1,656 hours last year.
  7. Construction on St. John’s Cathedral should be completed in time for the St. Joseph’s Catholic School Christmas Concert (tentatively December 13th).
  8. After a google mail search, the most frequent email to the administration is concerning student dress code (hair).
  9. Nurses’ Sabrina and Janelle assisted/rendered aid to 247 students in the month of September.
  10. Toughest job at St. Joe’s… hands down, Annie Granvall.

This past Sunday, I got an “All In” shout as I was running on the Boise Foothills Kestrel Trail.  As you wear your “All In” shirt, please take a snapshot and forward to the school to post.  It will be fun to see “where in the world” we are “All In”!

Randy McCormick, Principal

Amanda Kuznia, Assistant Principal

Bravely act like a Saint today!

Principal’s Blog 9.15.2022

Good afternoon St. Joe’s School Community,

This week we practiced safety procedures for various emergencies.  Please take a few moments at your dinner table tonight, to ask your child about “a lockdown” and “shelter/secure in place”. Your child should also be able to describe to you the meaning of “fight, flight, or hide” in case there is an intruder on school premises (for that matter, any public area).

It is always a pleasure to share Mass with school parents.  If you have time after Mass this Monday (9/19), please join Amanda and me for a cup of coffee in the parish hall. “Coffee with the Admin Team” is once a month and a great way for us to learn more about each other.

If you can’t make the coffee, plan on “a glass of wine with the admin team” at the Fall Carnival, Saturday, September 24!  We are just days away from this fun community event.  A big shout out to our St. Joe’s Fall Carnival event coordinators, Meredith Fehringer and Shahayla Anderson, for the countless hours they have committed toward this family fun event and school fundraiser.

Since “Back to School Night”, the comment “ALL IN” has been shared with me at morning drop off, as a salutation on a parent email, and shouted from a passing car as I ride my bike to work.  I love it!  “ALL IN” signifies the commitment and dedication every stakeholder has toward St. Joe’s.   SJPA now has “ALL IN” apparel.  Check it out

Students may wear the “ALL IN” shirts on spirit wear Fridays.

Randy McCormick

Principal’s Blog 9.08.2022

Good afternoon St. Joe’s parents,

We are in full swing here at St. Joes and let me tell you, everyone: students, teachers, support staff, admin and parents are ALL IN! This is one spectacular community. A new St. Joe’s mom said to me at Back to School night, “Wow. This place feels different than any school I have ever been at! Like you can literally feel it when you walk in the door. Everyone is so kind and seems to be looking out for each other.” Randy and I couldn’t agree more!

Please notice the calendar change in October for Parent-Teacher conferences. Students will no have school on Thursday October 20th and Friday October 21st. Teachers will hold conferences from 4pm-8pm on Wednesday the 19th and 8am-8pm on Thursday the 20th. If you are planning to take a long weekend, please make sure that you complete your conference before you leave town. Teachers will not be asked to hold a makeup conference to accommodate travel plans.

Student of the month will be returning this year! We will announce the awards during last Friday’s morning announcements. Students will come to the office and get their award and photo taken. We will display the photos for the month and also publish names in the bulletin as a celebration. Photos will be sent home with the student as a keepsake at the end of the month. Two students from each grade level will be honored every month.

We have tied our character traits to our Saint of Study the Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati:



















Next week our 7th graders are headed to MOSS. Please pray for their safe journey to McCall for this incredible learning experience. We also hope to see you Tuesday for the September SJPA meeting!


We are gathering interest on a middle school trip to Rome. Would you be interested in sending your student next Spring or Summer? Please fill out the interest survey. The trip would cost approximately $3,800 per student and include all flights, hotels, food and tours. There are options for parents to attend as well. This is a preliminary interest survey, if enough interest is generated we will hold a meeting to answer more questions and share information.

Interest Survey Link

Amanda Kuznia

Assistant Principal

Bravely act like a Saint today!

Principal’s Blog 9.01.2022

Good afternoon St. Joe’s families,

As administrators, Amanda and I are very blessed to drop in classrooms and witness exceptional instruction and learning happen on a daily basis.  Truly, there are too many instances to share.  Once a month, Amanda and I will handover the duties of  “news from the administrators” to a teacher. This will allow you to hear a perspective from someone with “boots on the ground.” To start this school year, I asked 4th grade teacher, Simon Petersen, to share….

Dear St. Joe’s Families, Students, and Staff,

Thank you all so much for graciously welcoming me into the school community this year! I am Simon Petersen, the new 4th grade teacher. This is my first year teaching anywhere–how unbelievably grateful I am that St. Joe’s is my first exposure to teaching! Without the support I have received I would be drowning amidst all my new responsibilities. Just a few years ago I would never have considered teaching as a possible career path, and yet here I am…the Lord works in mysterious ways. I am part of the PACE program through the University of Portland while pursuing my master’s degree in teaching. My undergraduate degree is in mathematics and physics from Gonzaga University. Though elementary education may seem far removed from my undergraduate studies, my relatively recent love for teaching is a synthesis of undergraduate problem solving techniques and my growing interest in child psychology.

So far, 4th grade has been an extraordinary experience. I am especially grateful to Mrs. Schneider for the incredible amount of help, guidance, and encouragement. I am blessed to be working with her. This year, I will be teaching science to all 4th grade students! I vividly remember much of my own elementary science education, and I hope to draw inspiration from those memorable activities to create academically-worthwhile science lessons and projects. The year is going to be a thrilling adventure for me. It will also be a constant challenge, but I am fully committed to meeting the high standards that St. Joe’s exemplifies!

Randy McCormick


Bravely act like a Saint today!

Principal’s Blog 8.25.2022

Good afternoon St. Joe’s families,

Here we are almost at the end of week two! From all the staff here at St. Joe’s, THANK YOU, for sharing your students with us! Mr. McCormick and I love getting to know them and watching their amazing teachers. We have spent a lot of time in classrooms and, wow, this place is buzzing with something special!

This year our saint of study will be, the Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. The St. Joe’s staff chose this amazing Catholic to guide our mission this year. Blessed Frassati has been deemed the unofficial patron saint of Students and Catholic Youth.

Blessed Frassati is known for the phrase, “Verso l’Alto” or “toward the top!” We will head toward the top in spiritually, academically, morally, emotionally, and physically. The Blessed Frassati is an exceptional example of how we can serve and unify the world as Catholics through faith and love.

Amanda Kuznia

Assistant Principal

Bravely act like a Saint today!