Catholic Schools’ Week Fundraiser: Missionaries of Charity, Spokane, WA

Each year, during Catholic Schools’ Week, St. Joseph’s Catholic School raises funds for an organization in our community.  Saint Teresa of Calcutta was canonized a saint this year, and our school has spent the year learning about her and her ministry: the Missionaries of Charity.  In line with this learning, our school fundraiser this year was for Saint Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity house located in Spokane, WA (this was the clostest location to our school).

Our school raised over $3,700 for the Missionaries of Charity house in Spokane, WA.  The sisters were unable to travel to our school to receive our donation, so one of our school families delivered the money.  This is what they had to say about their visit:
Thank you so much for the opportunity to deliver St Joseph School’s gift to the Missionary Sisters of Charity. Our family had a beautiful encounter in the time we spent with the sisters on Friday.
The sisters were very shy about having their picture taken, but did allow one photo of themselves with our daughter.
The sisters were eager to tell us about the work they do there in Spokane caring for homeless women, they also shared stories of the work that each of them had previously done in Calcutta, working alongside then Mother (now Saint) Teresa. They said that St Joseph School’s gift was a surprise and that this is how God provides for the needs of the poor; He sends gifts through others. They told us some other stories about times when there was a need and God provided. They shared many stories and meaningful reflections with us. For me, listening to the sisters speak was truly an experience of witnessing the love of Christ reflected in willing servants. Our visit was absolutely beautiful and peaceful, truly a grace filled encounter.
The sisters gave us a some Holy cards which contain a small relic, a piece of St. Teresa’s cloak. They also gave us a prayer card, which contains a “prayer for young people”, and they promised to pray for the young people and families of St. Joseph’s School.

St. Joseph’s Catholic School is going to find a way to showcase this special gift from the Missionaries of Charity.  Our school blessed them, and they are blessing us back.  Thank you for your generous contribution!