Class Service Projects

On Monday, Oct. 31, our 6th and 7th grade classes completed their class service projects.  The 6th grade class cleaned a two mile stretch of Highway 55.  The students and their parents picked up litter along the portion that is designated to St. John’s Cathedral.  Father Jerry came to assist the students and their families.  The group collected over 20 bags of trash.

The 7th grade students went to the Veteran’s Administration.  The students had the opportunity to meet and talk with veterans of all ages during their time there. The students did an incredible job engaging with these men and women. They were interested in their lives, their background and their families. In exchange, the students were offered candy, donuts, and life advice. Additionally, while half the class was visiting with the veterans, the other half was touring one of the greatest historical campuses in Boise.

Each class is required to participate in one community service project as a class during the school year.  The purpose of the class community service project is to engage students in service together, so they can see the impact of their service.  Last year, we had a couple of classes assemble blessing bags (bottled water, non-perishable food items, and community resources) and distribute them into the community.  There was a class that made sandwiches for Corpus Christi.  A class put on a Friendship Feast for the homeless at St. John’s.  Classes have done river clean-up and Rake-Up Boise.

Students are also supposed to do an individual community service project.  The purpose of this is to get the students and their families out serving the community.  Between the class and individual service project, the goal is to get students into the community for 3 hours total.  St. Joseph’s students choose to do a variety of projects.  We are entering a time (Thanksgiving and Christmas) where there are several opportunities to serve.   St. Vincent de Paul is preparing to do their annual Thanksgiving box drive, and they need help with distributing boxes and collecting material before Thanksgiving.  City Lights and the Rescue Mission also have drives and need help during the holidays.  January and February are also great times to serve because many organizations tell us that people serve during the holidays, but the organizations are often lacking for volunteers in January and February.

We have received so many blessings, and one of goals, as a school, is to get students to remember others.  Thank you, parents, for taking your children into the community to serve.