Cold weather safety

As I sit here, working from home, on an unprecendented second snow day in a row, I want to outline cold weather safety at St. Joseph’s Catholic School.

First, please send your students in warm clothes: warm coats, gloves, hats, boots, and snow pants (when necessary).  At the very least, students will be transitioning from your car into our school and from the school to the cafeteria, etc.

Second, research has shown that students learn better when they have an opportunity to get fresh air, sunshine, and movement.  If possible, we want students to go outside for at least part of recess time.  That being said, we are watching temperatures, wind chills, and the conditions of the playground (ice, snow, etc.) because we do not want to put students at-risk from being outside.

St. Joseph’s Catholic School follows the Boise School District for school cancellations.  We put the information for school closures on KTVB (channel 7), Facebook, Twitter, and in an email to all parents.  We cancel school in order to keep students and families safe.

I hope the snow days were a blessing for your family.