Coverage While I am on Leave

As most of you know, Tony and I will be welcoming our 4th child, a boy, sometime in March.  Our entire family is very excited about our new member!

I will be taking 8 weeks of maternity leave after my baby is born.  The goal while I am out is to maintain consistency, with as little disruption to the school environment as possible.  

There is a teacher leadership team at St. Joseph’s School, and these teachers are responsible for leading our accreditation groups (around the three goals in our plan); they also help with the focus of collaboration groups.  These teachers are Kevan Grant (middle school), Kelly Weaver (5th grade), and Sara Gamboa (middle school).  They applied for these positions at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year, and they have been serving in these positions since that time.  This leadership team will be filling in during my absence.

Kelly Weaver is currently teaching part time.  She will return to full time when I go out on leave.  She will be covering my office from 11:30-3:30 each day; since she is teaching part time, there is no need for a substitute for her.  She will be handling K-4 discipline, as well as working on enrollment, class placement, and other daily responsibilities.  Kevan Grant will get a substitute teacher, as needed.  He will be responsible for running spring MAP testing, as well as discipline for grades 5-8.  Sara Gamboa will be assisting with other duties, as necessary.  As Rector, Father Jerry will be signing the checks and handling any other big issues.

If you need something while I am away, please call the main office (208) 342-4909, and Mrs. Granvall can direct you to the correct person.  You can also email, and someone will get back to you.  Thank you for your prayers and well wishes!