Crab Feed 2017

The Crab Feed is St. Joseph’s Catholic School’s annual fundraising dinner.  It takes the support of every parent in the school in order to make the event successful.

How can you help with the event:

  1. Buy tickets to attend–tickets go on sale Saturday, Feb. 4; the event is Saturday, March 4 at the Grove Hotel.
  2. Donate items: contact jacqueline.fiorini@gmail. com, if there is an item you would like to donate.
  3. Volunteer–many hands make light work.  We need a lot of help in this month before the event, but we also need help the night of the event and post-event.

Last year, the Crab Feed raised over $188,000 for St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  Everyone who works to plan and put on the Crab Feed is doing it as a volunteer.  I especially want to thank Kim Malvick and Molly Mosher for leading the charge to make this year’s Crab Feed successful.

Fund a Need: This year, we are raising money for a student safety package.  The goal is to raise $45,000 to improve school security in serveral ways, including the installation of cameras.

Thank you for you support of this great event.