Kendamas at St. Joe’s

The kendama craze has hit St. Joe’s.  We’re going to learn more about this toy through an event on Nov. 11.

Kendamas are a Japanese toy.  Middle schools students started bringing kendamas to St. Joe’s in September, and then the younger students started to bring them.  While students are not supposed to bring toys from home, I have allowed kendamas because they are a great toy given the constraints of our playground space.

Kendamas promote hand-eye coordination, and students engage in dialogue as they try new tricks and strategies.  Since our playground space is limited, and we do not have access to grass, these toys have been great for students.  I still request that students leave other toys at home, but kendamas have been a useful tool for student’s motor skills and our playground.  Kendamas are also great to building perseverance, as it is not easy to do it at first.

On Wednesday, Nov. 11 from 8-8:30 Lion’s Head Kendama (the kiosk in the village) will be at our school putting on an assembly.  The founder of Lion’s Head is 16 years old, and he started the company at age 14.  He will talk about starting a business.  They will cover some safety and some strategies for kendamas.

This assembly is during a Wednesday late start morning.  I invite all students and parents to join us on Wednesday, Nov. 11 for this presentation.  It will be in the gym.