Lead in the water and other school safety issues

Last year, there was a lot of information in the news regarding lead in the water in Flint, MI.  This year, the local news has talked about lead in the water, particularly as it relates to schools and water for children.  Last spring, we voluntarily tested 21 sites around our school and the parish hall (drinking fountains, food preparation sinks, nurse’s sink, etc.). for lead.  Our water all passed the inspection.  Best practice will be for us to test again in 3 years.  St. Joseph’s Catholic School takes all of these concerns seriously, and we try to protect our students in all situations.

In other school safety news, I conducted a walk through with a Boise police detective of our school and church.  She made several recommendations to improve the security of our campus.  We have implemented some of these, and we are in the process of implementing others.  The parish is installing security cameras and improving the safety of a few of the doors to help with our security efforts.

In addition to all of these, in January, we will be forming a school safety committee.  This committee with be comprised of members of our community with different skill sets (i.e. doctors, law enforcement, media personnel, military, secuity, etc.).  If you are interested in earning some parent volunteer hours by participating in the safety committee, please email me: quilicis@stjoes.com