McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS)

This week, 6th grade students from St. Joseph’s Catholic School are blessed to be at McCall Outdoor Science School in Ponderosa State Park (McCall, ID).  I want to thank Mary McClure and Ricardo Yanci for going as faculty chaperones, and I also want to thank all of the parents who attended this week, as well.  MOSS would not be possible without the parent volunteers who spend the week learning with our students.

This is St. Joe’s second year participating in MOSS.  It is a great opportunity for our 6th grade students to get out into the field (literally) and study science.  Each 6th grade student pays around $260 to attend.  This covers the cost of the school bus that transports them to and from McCall and their food, lodging, and educational experience for the week.

Graduate students from the University of Idaho lead the 6th grade students during their study at MOSS.  Please see click here to see work from St. Joe’s students at MOSS.