Partnering with Parents to Educate Children

Wednesday, Sept. 2 is the St. Joseph’s School’s Back to School Night.

Teachers will give presentations at 6 p.m. and at 7 p.m. to accommodate parents with students in multiple grades. The presentations will be identical, so you do not need to attend both.  This event is for parents only; the goal is to provide information and expectations to all families.

Did you know that the St. Joseph’s Student and Parent Handbook has a section entitled “Your role as a parent of a St. Joseph’s student” (p. 2)?  That section starts by saying, “We believe parents are the primary educators of their children.”  I will be highlighting some pieces of this section in the next few weeks, but three items are applicable to Back to School Night:

  • support your children by establishing a structured homework time, reviewing assignments, and encouraging regular reading time
  • be aware of your student’s progress and any missing assignments by reviewing your student’s online PowerSchool account weekly
  • support the school rules and encourage your children to follow school rules

Back to School Night is an opportunity to learn about what your children will be learning at school and how you can support that learning at home.  YOU are the primary educator of your children; we want to help and support you.  Back to School Night is one opportunity for us to work together.