Principal’s Blog 1.12.2023

As a St. Joe’s alum, former parent, and current teacher, the St Joes Crab Feed has always been part of my St. Joe’s experience.

The Crab Feed started back in the late 1960’s by Ben Shalz. Ben was trying to raise money for the athletic teams at the school because there wasn’t much money for equipment or uniforms. He recruited my dad, Rash Iglesias, and other St. Joe’s families. Ben would tell my dad what he needed, and my dad and others would make it happen.

The Crab Feed started as a very simple affair. There was no auction, no fancy desserts, or attire. The event was always held in the school cafeteria because the kitchen was there in order for the crabs to be prepared. The tables in the school cafeteria were covered with tablecloths and there were no center pieces adorning the tables. Crabs were flown in the night before the event from a market on 5th and Main Street, coleslaw was ordered at the Big Bun Drive Inn, and everyone brought their crab crackers.

People would come to have dinner and visit with each other, and then according to Katie Shalz, Ben’s wife, (who by the way helped me with this information), might go see a movie or go out after. The event was a way to bring people together and support our school.

Although times have changed, the mission of the Crab Feed remains, to bring our St. Joe’s and St. John’s Community together and help raise money for our school. While Ben and my dad are no longer with us, the Crab Feed has grown into an event they could not have imagined.

I hope you will join me this year in the biggest fundraiser for our school. Let’s keep their legacy and this wonderful tradition alive and make it even bigger and better for many more years to come.

Angie Howard

Kindergarten Teacher


Good afternoon St. Joe’s parents,

Welcome back everyone! As you look for report cards tomorrow, please know that there have been some major changes in the “look” and content of your students report card. We worked with the staff as well as other schools in the Diocese to align our report cards to give a more complete picture of the success and needs of our students. We also formatted it to “look” more aesthetically pleasing. Because of these changes, quarter 1 grades will not physically appear on the 22-23 report cards, but these records are kept in your student’s electronic file and are a part of their record.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make continuous improvements to our St. Joe’s school.

It’s also important to note, that just because a skill is listed as N/A does not mean it is not being taught, it was just not formally assessed during this grading period. All skills may not be assessed every grading period, but will be assessed at least once during the school year.

ACHD 8th Street Bikeway Update:

Thank you all for participating in the ACHD survey.  Unfortunately, ACHD staff is still recommending modified option A for adoption by Commissioners at the February 22, 2023 Meeting.

This is the option from last spring that includes the contra-flow bike (southbound) lane in front of the Cathedral and presents safety concerns for students.  We are meeting with ACHD staff to better understand why they chose this option and evaluating our next actions.

Public testimony is welcome and encouraged.  Please mark your calendars for the February 22, 2023 meeting at 6 PM.  For more information click here: ACHD link.

Randy McCormick, Principal

Amanda Kuznia, Assistant Principal

Bravely act like a Saint today!