Principal’s Blog 1.19.2023

At my home, we still have the pictures of the St. Joe’s father/daughter dance on our refrigerator door.  Time with our kids is priceless and fleeting.  This week, I handed over the bulletin duties to eighth grader Meghan McGarry.  She is the youngest of four siblings to pass through St. Joe’s and her father will have “one last dance” with her at this year’s SweetHeart Dance February 11th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the school gym.

All In,

Randy McCormick

My family moved to Boise in 2014 when my three sisters and I all attended St. Joe’s for the first time.  We all had very positive and unique experiences, both academically and spiritually as well as making friends here. The shadow program at St. Joe’s made my sisters’ move to an entirely new environment much smoother. The staff and students made us feel so welcome! I will never forget the sock hops, school assemblies, and Father/Daughter dances (coming up again on February 11th) I have attended over the past 9 years. My oldest sister Caitlyn who is now at the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) was just starting 8th grade. She only spent one year at St. Joe’s before heading to BK, but that year made a big impact and to this day she talks about how her experience at St. Joe’s is the best she’s ever had.  My sister Riley who now goes to USAFA as well remembers taking part in Science Olympiad and MOSS these events helped her explore new interests such as anatomy and physiology. My sister Norah, graduating from BK this year is closest in age to me so I have always been excited to be a part of all the things that I have seen her be a part of. Although all of my sisters participated in Hallissey, Norah’s games are the ones I remember the most. I have anticipated Hallissey and Science Olympiad for years and I am so excited that I am now doing both. Talking with, and making friends, as well as seeing the teachers smiling faces is what makes me so passionate about our school. St. Joe’s isn’t the building itself, it’s the teachers and students that make St. Joe’s so special.

Meghan McGarry

Current St. Joe’s 8th Grader


Good afternoon St. Joe’s parents,

Due to the high costs of bussing and low availability of bus drivers, and in order to be good stewards of our funds, we will be sending middle school students to the all schools Mass at St. Mark’s on Feb 1st to represent St. Joe’s. The elementary students and staff will join together in the gym and watch/participate in the Mass virtually.

Coffee with the Admin team.  Please join us after Mass on Monday, January 23rd.

Randy McCormick, Principal

Amanda Kuznia, Assistant Principal