Principal’s Blog 1.26.2023

Well Mr. McCormick must be running out of talented writers as he has asked me to share in this week’s bulletin. My name is Katie Patrick and I teach 3rd grade here at St. Joe’s. While I have only been teaching at St. Joe’s for a few years my relationship with the school goes all the way back to when I was 5 years old. That’s right, I am a proud St. Joe’s alumni, I attended school here from kindergarten all the way to eighth grade and then made my way out to Bishop Kelly. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had been given an amazing gift.

I know that as a young student I often griped and complained (sorry mom and dad) about the dress code, having to go to Mass, the homework, and I’m sure a long laundry list of other complaints. Little did I know that I would come full circle and find myself right back here at St. Joe’s – and I am so glad I did. As I said I didn’t know it at the time but growing up I was blessed with the gift of Catholic education. My academic and spiritual life was so profoundly impacted by my time here and at BK that I knew I wanted to become a teacher. When I graduated and moved back to Boise I had one goal – to get a job in the Catholic school system. I was given the opportunity to work here and I fell even more in love with teaching. I fell in love because this isn’t just some regular old teaching gig, no this is a vocation. I had been given yet another gift. I get to watch as my students grow academically, but also spiritually. I get to share my faith with them, and in turn they share their faith with me. I grow every single day because of my students. Sure sometimes days are tough (what job isn’t a challenge?) but my students bring me back – they are the true gift.

The reason I am sharing about growing up and finding myself back in the Catholic education system is because this upcoming school week is National Catholic Schools Week! It is a week near and dear to my heart because it is specifically designed to bring focus and joy to the gift of Catholic education. The cool thing about Catholic education is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. From spending time in Sunday school, to our tiny but mighty students at Immaculata, our Bishop Kelly kids, and finally our very own St. Joe’s students. The gift of a Catholic education can be found everywhere – what a blessing! I know now that my parents made the commitment and sacrifice to give me this gift, as many of our families today do. Please know that you are blessing your child with more than they may realize right now. Who knows, maybe just maybe one of them might make that full circle like I did and find themselves back here one day teaching and continuing that tradition and gift of Catholic education.

Randy McCormick, Principal

Amanda Kuznia, Assistant Principal

Bravely act like a Saint today!