Principal’s Blog 10.20.2022

Good afternoon St. Joe’s families,

(Post Conference Talks with your child) 

Conferences can be a time of great anxiety for your child. They know that some of the most influential and important adults in their life are meeting to talk about them. While it is certainly never the intention of the conference to induce this anxiety, it is the reality for most of our students. Here are some tips on how to discuss the conference discussion as well as grade and behavior expectations with your child.

  1. Assume positive intentions. Our teachers and students all work very hard every day. Sharing difficult information with parents about their child is one of the hardest parts about teaching, but necessary in developing well-rounded students and a safe environment for growth and learning. Teachers like ALL their students and want to see them all be successful.
  2. Be transparent with your child about what was discussed. Share the positives! Celebrate their successes and achievements. Also, help your child set goals in the areas they need to improve in, offer support to them on how you will help them reach these goals.
  3. Discuss progress, not perfection. All of us have areas we can grow and improve in and it’s important your student knows that perfection is not expected, but growth is supported.
  4. Don’t make excuses. When having a discussion about growth with your student, you may be tempted to make justifications or help them reason out their areas of need. Instead, acknowledge this opportunity for growth and ask them what they need to improve and offer support.
  5. Set attainable goals. Moving from a D to an A in one quarter is very difficult. Instead, focus on a goal that has a plan of action and a measurable end: example “I am going to improve my weekly quiz scores by studying nightly for 20 minutes. I will improve my overall grade from a D to a C.”
  6. Speak positively about your child’s teacher. You may not agree with all of the information your child’s teacher shares with you during your conference. This disagreement should not be shared with your child or discussed with other adults in front of your child. This undermines the relationship between your student and their teacher and can cause increased confusion and anxiety.
  7. Remember that students often act differently at school than they do at home. Be open to the feedback that the teacher relays and have an open discussion with your child about their life at school.
  8. Remember this is a snapshot in time. How your child is performing this quarter is not how they will be performing forever.
  9. Avoid comparisons. We are always working to our own personal best. That looks differently for every human. Students are very sensitive to how their peers and siblings are performing. Be aware of the information you are sharing with friends and family and the comparative environment it might create. Help your child be proud of their best, their growth and their achievements.

Due to ongoing construction in the Cathedral, school Mass on Nov. 7th is canceled.

Students may wear spirit wear. Students will wear Mass dress on Friday, Nov. 11th

for the Veterans Day Assembly. Dogs are not allowed on school grounds. Besides

the difficult clean up on the Playtopia turf last week, Catholic Mutual Insurance

requires adherence. Thanks!


Randy McCormick & Amanda Kuznia

Bravely act like a Saint today!