Principal’s Blog 10.27.2022

Good afternoon St. Joe’s families,

Next week’s “Notes from the Admin.,” will be the ABC’s or working fundamentals

of the SJPA, school advisory board, school Mass safety, topics and questions

Mrs. Kuznia and I hear most often from you, the school community. Today, we are

blessed to hear from the incredible 5th grade teacher team of Mrs. Weaver and Mrs.

O’Brien sharing why they enjoy teaching the 5th grade.


Mrs. Weaver states,  “I enjoy helping my students take risks, build character,

and develop good habits before they transition to middle school.  I work with my

students on how to be proactive and make choices based on values and encourage

them to think before they act.”  Mrs. Weaver helps her students figure out balance

between their school work and outside activities to learn the importance of putting

first things first.


Mrs. O’Brien shared, “Fifth grade is a year where I push my students to try new things and learn from hard moments;” Mrs. O’Brien believes that her students grow through their struggles.  Fifth graders are challenged to take responsibility for their actions and learn to persevere, but also laugh through some mistakes with humor and humility.    Mrs. O’Brien uses laughter in the classroom to help her students build a sense of camaraderie.

Mrs. Weaver and Mrs. O’Brien strive to create an environment where each student grows and works to the best of his or her ability.  Both teachers shared how much they enjoy team teaching, where the students spend half their day in one classroom and half the day in the other classroom.  “We take ownership of the fifth grade class as a whole.  Team teaching helps us facilitate a classroom community where we can both connect with different students.  We are able to bounce ideas off one another which allow us to deliver effective and creative lessons.”


Randy McCormick & Amanda Kuznia

Bravely act like a Saint today!