Principal’s Blog 11.3.2022

Good Afternoon St. Joe’s School Community,

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Our primary and most important job is the safety of our students.  Our basic emergency planning is for all types of events.  These events include severe weather, allergic reactions, mental health support for students in crisis and child abduction due to custody battles and more.  Understandably, many of the school safety questions Amanda and I answer are related to potential acts of violence in or around the school facility.  Hopefully, the questions and answers listed below will provide information and also awareness to you and your family.  Please keep in mind, this bulletin is publicly available on our school website.  As a result, some answers are purposely vague to keep school emergency preparedness unique and fluid if necessary.

Has the school administration spoken with experts in the field of emergency preparedness? Yes, since August 2022, we have gained the insight of both private and public emergency response coordinators.  As a result, we have made modifications to our emergency procedures and are continuing to assess, plan and change as we learn more about school incidents.

Are there emergency procedures in place in case my child is on the playground, at lunch, or at school Mass?  Yes, procedures are in place for shelter in place, lockdown, and reverse evacuation for these locations.    

What first aid training does staff have?

All staff go through basic first aid and CPR training every year, as well as the Safe Environment training required by the Diocese of Boise. A smaller number of staff go through medication training. We also have a registered nurse on staff 4 hours a day.

How will I be communicated with in the event of an emergency?

Our first duty is to always provide safety first to our students and staff. Once that has been established, parents will be notified throughout our emergency text messaging system.

Why are the doors not locked during school mass at the church?

Currently the doors to the cathedral are not equipped with panic bars, so locking the doors causes a larger problem to safety. If there were to be a threat inside the cathedral, including fire, etc. it would be a safety hazard to have the doors locked.  Father Mariusz and St. John’s Parish Administration are responsible for Cathedral

We do have our former police officer Mr. Dottaviano directly by the doors to monitor who is coming in and out of the building.

Can staff, faculty or parents carry a concealed weapon on school property?  

No. It is against state law to have a concealed weapon on school grounds.

How often are keys and codes changed?

This is something that is handled often and privately and not information we want shared publicly for security reasons. However this is something that is addressed.

Randy McCormick & Amanda Kuznia

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