Principal’s Blog 12.20.2022

Parents and Families,

Thank you so much for all the Christmas cheer you have spread throughout our school and church this Advent season. You can truly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in these buildings and within the faces of the students and staff here at St. Joseph’s.

In the 2023 year we will see a few changes:

  1. We have White Cloud Communications coming out over break to enhance security within our school. Making adjustments to and installing new cameras, as well as creating “visual” alarms to exit doors that can be detected by administration mobily (much like a motion activated camera).
  2. We are migrating to a new Student Information System called FACTS in the 23-24 school year. This system will integrate and streamline our gradebook, billing and records systems. This will not be fully implemented until August 2023, but changes in the registration process will begin after the break. Please be sure to read information sent out by our amazing Registrar Annie Granvall about enrollment procedures for next year.
  3. For middle school in the 23-34 school year, we are looking at a possible block schedule. We are also looking to integrate into the middle schoolers schedules a course where they would learn study, notetaking and organizational skills, as well as good work habits and speaking skills. We feel this would assist students in the rigor required here at St. Joe’s as well as develop these skills for success at Bishop Kelly and beyond.

Thank you all again for the amazing “All In” spirit of this community. Mr. McCormick and I are truly blessed to work alongside this incredible staff, your children and you! We wish you all a very restful break and a blessed Christmas season.

Randy McCormick & Amanda Kuznia

Bravely act like a Saint today!