Principal’s Blog 2.17.2023

Good afternoon St. Joe’s families,

Some will argue that this is the 59th Hallissey Basketball Tournament, while others will say 60th.  Either way, next weekend, the stands will be filled with students, parents, and alums.  There is no better way to understand this Idaho Catholic community tradition than hearing from past players.  This week, we turn over the reins to David Bruce (St. Joe’s class of 1970) and Ian D’Souza (St. Joe’s class of 2019).  See you in the stands next weekend!

Randy and Amanda______________________________________________________________

The Hallissey Tournament

Why is the Hallissey Tournament such a big deal? Perhaps a little background would be helpful.

The tournament officially started in 1964 organized by Father Hallissey and John Kirk. At that time, it was for 8th grade boys only.  The girls division wasn’t added until 1993!

I played in the Hallissey Tournament in 1970, which we won for the pride of St. Joe’s! I still fondly recall playing in the championship game at BK and what a big deal that was for all of us. Both our daughter and son attended St. Joe’s and played in the tournament.  I was fortunate enough to coach them, and I am now coaching our granddaughter for her Hallissey team!

This is an event that goes way beyond a basketball tournament. Players and parents will remember this experience for many years to come. It brings together the Catholic community from across the state. It allows the players, both Catholic and non-Catholic, to really get a sense of what the community means in our schools and parishes. It is unique in that it is the only tournament of its type in the state and how everyone embraces this spirit. I still have people talk to me about playing in the tournament 20 years ago, and they still trash talk the players from other teams (in a fun way of course).

If you are a player, enjoy yourself and take in all the memories.  If you’re a parent, embrace the event and be supportive of all teams.  If you are a younger student, enjoy the games knowing that someday you will be playing in the tournament.

David Bruce

St. Joe’s Class of 1970


When I think about my time back at Saint Joes, two of my most fond memories are the Pocatello Basketball Tournament and Hallissey. I have never been the most athletic person, but I decided to play in Pocatello and Hallissey because I have always loved basketball. What I loved the most about these two tournaments was the team camaraderie that we all had. Everyone on the team was a great teammate and we wanted each other to succeed, something that not every team has. I am always grateful I  got playing time, despite my athletic limitations. We always had fun, whether we won or lost and would not go down without a fight.

In addition, the middle school teachers made my transition into Bishop Kelly so easy. I was well prepared for all of my classes at Bishop Kelly my freshman year and I believe that the exceptional St. Joe’s teachers were one of the main reasons why that transition was so easy and smooth. I am currently a senior at Bishop Kelly, and plan on going to college next year, I am just not sure where yet. I will forever be grateful for my time at St. Joes because it truly helped shape me into the person I am today. I always look forward to going back and visiting St. Joes and seeing all of the familiar teachers and faces that are still teaching there. St. Joes will always hold a special place in my heart and for that I am eternally grateful.

Ian D’Souza

St. Joe’s Class of 2019