Principal’s Blog 4.28.2023

Being the assistant principal for a day has been a very fun experience. I got to hang out with Mrs. Kuznia all day and learn everything that it takes to be a good assistant principal. There were so many fun things that I got to participate in. Here are my top 10 favorite activities that I did:

  1. To start the day off, I came on the intercom and said the morning announcements!
  2. After the morning announcements, I sat in on a meeting with the Avid coordinator and then gave her a tour of the school!
  3. Once the tour was over, I made my rounds to all of the classrooms, double checking that the students were all in dress code. A few weren’t wearing belts, so they had to run a few laps around the playground.
  4. When we visited the kindergarten classroom, the kindergarteners were very eager to ask me a very important question about butterfly release day. They were wondering If they were allowed to dress up as a butterfly, so of course I said yes!
  5. Once it was time for the middle school’s recess I decided that since they have been working so hard on their testing, they deserved for their recess to be 8 minutes longer!
  6. After recess I was in charge of making a list of toppings for the 4th grade ice cream party on Thursday. I went to the 4th grade classrooms to get their ice cream topping preferences.
  7. For lunch, Mrs. Kuznia and I walked over to the Co-op to get some lunch. Once we got our lunch, we walked over to Jacksons to grab a drink!
  8. Once we got back from lunch, I then went into the kindergarten classroom to read them a story. They loved the story and were very good listeners!
  9. After story time, I decided to make derby day on Friday even more fun! I thought that it would be fun if they could wear a fun hat, so I declared that you can wear a hat on derby day!
  10. Last but not least, we had a fire drill in the afternoon. Since I was the assistant principal, I was able to pull the fire alarm!

Overall, My experience as the assistant principal was amazing! I’m so grateful to have gotten this opportunity and was able to do so many great things!

Rachel Lind, Assistant Principal for the Day
Bravely act like a Saint today!