Principal’s Blog 5.11.2023

Today, my wife and I head up to Moscow for the 2023 commencement ceremonies.  Our daughter Zoe fills in for admin notes…

When most people think of a teacher that influenced their life, one clear person usually comes to mind. I am lucky enough to say that many teachers come to my mind. How could I decipher who impacted my life the most when each teacher I had influenced my life in a special way. In first grade, Miss. Hipwell crafted my penmanship. Mrs. Litzenburger taught me how to be the bigger person and forgive. Sixth grade with Mrs. Russell showed me that being organized is better than being disorganized, while Mrs. McClure sparked my love for science. As I grew up, I had other impressive teachers, but the teachers at St. Joseph’s molded me into who I am today. After St. Joe’s, I continued on to Bishop Kelly Catholic School before transferring to Boise High School. I learned a lot about myself in my teenage years, but I stayed true to my core. This was only possible because I was raised with a well rounded faith and an even better educational experience at St. Joe’s. During my first semester of college, my Calculus professor wouldn’t raise my 89% to an A. Anyone would be disappointed, and I certainly wasn’t an exception. Four years later, I have since realized that life doesn’t work out the way I always want it to. The transition from high school to the University of Idaho in Moscow wasn’t an easy one. I struggled making friends and felt out of place. My parents continued to remind me that as long as I was kind, but also tough, I would find my niche. As always, they were correct. On Saturday, I am graduating from the University of Idaho with a double major in Biology and Medical Sciences and a double minor in Microbiology and Pre-Health Professions Studies. Since my freshman year, I have found my best friends, made the best of the worst times, and have created life long memories. My dad has always said that my hard work is what has taken me so far in life and will continue to do so. My parents have always been my biggest supporters, and they ensured that I received the best education. My drive and work ethic didn’t come from thin air. Throughout my 17 years of schooling, my teachers and professors have taught me many things about cells, disease, and the human body, things anyone can learn if they put their mind to it. But, my teachers at St. Joe’s taught me about sacrifice, sympathy, and love. These are the values that I will carry on into the rest of my life, something I will always be grateful for.

Zoe McCormick, St. Joe’s Class of 2015 & U of Idaho Class of 2023