Principal’s Blog 9.01.2022

Good afternoon St. Joe’s families,

As administrators, Amanda and I are very blessed to drop in classrooms and witness exceptional instruction and learning happen on a daily basis.  Truly, there are too many instances to share.  Once a month, Amanda and I will handover the duties of  “news from the administrators” to a teacher. This will allow you to hear a perspective from someone with “boots on the ground.” To start this school year, I asked 4th grade teacher, Simon Petersen, to share….

Dear St. Joe’s Families, Students, and Staff,

Thank you all so much for graciously welcoming me into the school community this year! I am Simon Petersen, the new 4th grade teacher. This is my first year teaching anywhere–how unbelievably grateful I am that St. Joe’s is my first exposure to teaching! Without the support I have received I would be drowning amidst all my new responsibilities. Just a few years ago I would never have considered teaching as a possible career path, and yet here I am…the Lord works in mysterious ways. I am part of the PACE program through the University of Portland while pursuing my master’s degree in teaching. My undergraduate degree is in mathematics and physics from Gonzaga University. Though elementary education may seem far removed from my undergraduate studies, my relatively recent love for teaching is a synthesis of undergraduate problem solving techniques and my growing interest in child psychology.

So far, 4th grade has been an extraordinary experience. I am especially grateful to Mrs. Schneider for the incredible amount of help, guidance, and encouragement. I am blessed to be working with her. This year, I will be teaching science to all 4th grade students! I vividly remember much of my own elementary science education, and I hope to draw inspiration from those memorable activities to create academically-worthwhile science lessons and projects. The year is going to be a thrilling adventure for me. It will also be a constant challenge, but I am fully committed to meeting the high standards that St. Joe’s exemplifies!

Randy McCormick


Bravely act like a Saint today!