Principal’s Blog 9.29.2022

In the style of David Letterman, here are….Top 10 facts St Joe’s parents should know:

  1. Donations for our playground, Playtopia, have reached $705,642.
  2. Classrooms are being outfitted with new projectors and apple tv’s to allow teachers to increase engagement with students.
  3. $7,128- is the cost to educate each child at St. Joseph’s Catholic School.
  4. Look for a website revamp in summer of 2023!
  5. Father Aleksander is fluent in four languages- German, Italian, English and Polish.
  6. St. Joseph’s School Parents volunteered a total of 1,656 hours last year.
  7. Construction on St. John’s Cathedral should be completed in time for the St. Joseph’s Catholic School Christmas Concert (tentatively December 13th).
  8. After a google mail search, the most frequent email to the administration is concerning student dress code (hair).
  9. Nurses’ Sabrina and Janelle assisted/rendered aid to 247 students in the month of September.
  10. Toughest job at St. Joe’s… hands down, Annie Granvall.

This past Sunday, I got an “All In” shout as I was running on the Boise Foothills Kestrel Trail.  As you wear your “All In” shirt, please take a snapshot and forward to the school to post.  It will be fun to see “where in the world” we are “All In”!

Randy McCormick, Principal

Amanda Kuznia, Assistant Principal

Bravely act like a Saint today!