Principal’s Post 1.10.19


Thank you to Mrs. Seibert’s class for their leadership with liturgy and Mass this week.  Thank you to everyone who joined us for Mass. This week Fr. Jerry encourages to utilize all of the love and celebration we took in over the Christmas Season and to go out and love and show love toward one another.  Please know all are welcome each week.

Happy New Year

We wish each of you and your families a Happy New Year.  May 2019 be filled with blessings from the Lord.

Idaho Education Tax Credit

Thank you to everyone who donated St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  The first ten donations will be doubled thanks anonymous donor match!  We cannot thank everyone enough for their generosity to our school community.  Every gift is amazing and much appreciated.

Morning Drop-Off

We are sorry for the inconvenience of the sidewalk being closed in front of St. John’s on 8th St.  Due to this, for those parking in the parking lot, it is best to cross at the corner of 8th and Fort (in front of Jackson’s).  Please do not walk through the lane between the Cathedral and the Rectory as this is the entrance to the drop-off lane for cars.

Wake Up Wednesday with Mrs. Elwer

Get Up and Get Going in the Morning With Mrs. Elwer: We are off to a great start.  We have a number of students attending this and welcome all students for the future dates.  Mrs. Elwer is offering the chance for students to come into the gym and get moving and stretching on Late Start Wednesday from 7:45-8:15 in January and February.  This was popular last year.  All ages are welcome. Remaining Dates: 1/16/ 1/23, 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, and 2/27

Holy Spirit Basketball Tournament

More information soon, but some have been asking about the dates.  The Holy Spirit Basketball Tournament is March 15-17 (This is the Friday leading into Spring Break.).

This tournament is for 5th and 6th grade boys and girls.


Are you aware of the dangers of vaping?  According to the American Psychiatric Assoc.: “About 13 percent of 8th graders, 24 percent of 10th graders, and nearly 28 percent of 12th graders at U.S. schools reported using a vaping device in the past year, according to data from the 2017 Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey. The survey results, which were released in December 2017, found that while most of these students said they mostly vape flavoring liquids, 1 in 10 reported vaping nicotine, and 1 in 20 reported vaping marijuana.” Please talk with your student(s) to see what they know about vaping and to share the dangers of vaping.

SafeStudents Online

New Activation Method

To activate your account, please visit Select our school from the dropdown list and type in the email address you have on file with our school (your SafeStudents Online account is linked to your email address). If you have any questions or trouble with the process, please reach out to

This is for our families with students in grades 5-8.  The goal is to coach and provide students a safer and healthier online experience and provide open communication between parents and students.  All you need to do is sit down with your student(s) and take less than 5 minutes to set it up.

If you still have questions, please feel free to view the video link below and call or email questions to myself ( or our counselor Mrs. Porter (

Three new apps added to list for monitoring: GroupMe, Flickr, and Kidzworld.

Link to Video Explanation



Link to Resources

Student Safety

Joe Lombardo, from the St. Joseph’s Catholic School Safety Committee, led staff through a review of safety protocol, drills, future plans, and questions Wednesday.  We are always cognisant of evolving needs and situations to provide as safe as of a school as we can. We appreciate your continued prayers for safety and health for all of our St. Joseph’s Catholic School Community.

See something, say something.  I would like to remind and urge everyone if you see something out of place, please report it to the Office as soon as possible.  It is much better to be safe and say something than to worry about it.

For information on our current terminology and practice, please refer to our

Safety Parent Letter.

IDeal 529 College Savings Program funds- use them to pay for K-12 tuition!

What is a “529 plan”?

Named for Section 529 of the U.S. tax code, a 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment plan operated by a state to encourage saving for education expenses. As there is risk when investing in a 529 account, we are required to advise readers talk to a financial advisor.

Click here for a link the the 529 Frequently Asked Questions and other resources

There is also a $25 incentive for those to start saving and a chance at $800

Bravely act like a Saint today!

We are blessed to have a loving and supportive community.  As a Catholic community, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  When you see someone in our community going above and beyond leading by example and bravely acting like a saint, please let me know using the following link.

Upcoming Weekend Parish Hosted Masses at St. John’s Cathedral

Sun Jan. 27 11:30 AM with choir (CSW) Julianne Russell – Student Council
Sun Feb. 24 5PM without choir (Hallissey) Grant/McClure – Hallissey Tournament has been moved to March 1, 2, 1 and 3
Sun Mar. 10 10AM with choir Weaver/Howard
Sat Apr. 27 5PM with choir (1st Communion) Cammann/Seidler
Sun May 19 1PM Spanish without choir Vietri/Arrubarrena

Bravely act like a saint today!

Student Learning Expectation Videos