Principal’s Post – 1/25/18


Thank you to all who attended Mass with us this past Tuesday. Thank you to St. John’s Cathedral Parish Staff for their leadership with Mass.

This week Fr. Jerry challenged us all to Bravely act like Saints using the examples of St. Vincent from our old church and St. Damien of Molokai from our modern American Church.

Report Cards

Report cards are finished and printed. They will be sent home today or tomorrow with your student.

There a couple of changes you will see with the report cards as we continue to transition to our new school information system (SIS). Some of the changes are also due to including concepts, skills, and standards on report cards.

Each student has been added to a Conduct and Citizenship course (Cond/Cit) and the Schoolwide School Learning Expectations (Spiritual, Academic, Physical, Citizenship, and Social) will be listed. The following areas are what each area emphasizes:


  • Being friends with God
  • Doing what Jesus would do
  • Living the Catholic faith
  • Serving others


  • Be responsible
  • Have a love of learning
  • Be creative
  • Demonstrate perseverance


  • Display good sportsmanship
  • Make healthy choices
  • Share gifts and talents


  • Are good citizens locally and globally
  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • Use common courtesy


  • Appreciate and respect differences
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Exhibit empathy

Religion will also have the main concepts listed too:

  • knowledge of faith
  • teaching to pray
  • moral education
  • liturgical education
  • education community
  • missionary initiative
  • independent service project (if this is left blank, the student has not completed their project or they have not submitted their written reflection yet)

To find the areas of focus, by grade level, for Religion you can go the the Diocese of Boise Catholic Schools Curriculum Guides and select Diocesan Religion Curriculum .   The Religion curriculum is a Word document.

Catholic Schools Week  (Catholic Schools Week Calendar)

Catholic Schools Week kicks off Sunday, Jan. 28th.  Click the link above for schedule.

First Reconciliation

First Reconciliation for our second grade students is February 3.

Course Information and Selection for 8th Grade (Students Headed to BK next year)

Freshmen (18-19) new student course selection information night is February 21 at 7 pm in the Bishop Kelly Library.

Late Start Wednesday Student Yoga with Mrs. Elwer: To Be Continued

Late Start Yoga has been very well received, and we will be bringing it back in the New Year!  If your student has not tried it, encourage them to give it a try.  We are going to offer yoga in the gym Wednesday mornings from 7:45-8:15 in January and February.  Mrs. Elwer, the k-4 PE teacher, and Mrs. Phillips, Librarian, will lead students through yoga poses to get students active and ready for the day.  Students who come early on Wednesdays will have the choice to stay in the cafeteria or outside (depending the weather) or to go to the gym for yoga.

Upcoming Wednesdays:

  • 1/31
  • 2/7
  • 2/14
  • 2/21
  • 2/28

Our upcoming weekend school Masses at St. John’s Cathedral are:

  • Sunday, Jan. 28 11:30 a.m. (Catholic Schools Week)  ( School Choir ) 8th grade Gamboa/Seibert
  • Sunday, Feb. 11 5 p.m. (Hallisey Mass) – Grant/McClure
  • Sunday, March 11 10 a.m.. ( School Choir )  Weaver/Howard
  • Saturday, April 28 5 p.m. 1st Communion   ( School Choir ) Cammann/Seidler
  • Sunday, May 20 1 p.m. (Spanish Mass) Olivares

Bravely act like a saint today!