Principal’s Post 6.14.19

Happy Summer!

I want to thank each of you for the love and support you bring to St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  I feel honored to have been the principal of St. Joseph’s Catholic School. From bell to bell this is a fabulous job.  I love being surrounded by wonderful students, supportive parents, and caring staff. No day or hour is ever the same. St. Joseph’s is blessed to be in a situation where our enrollment is steady, finances healthy, and to have a supportive community.  In a time where Catholic schools are closing and consolidating across the country, we have grown from 330 students to 390 students, and we continue to maintain this enrollment. We have become more competitive with teacher salary and benefits. We know our students and expectations are a different caliber than other schools.  I would guess that nearly a quarter of our students would qualify for the gifted and talented program in the public school system.

On this Flag Day, we are blessed to be in a country founded on freedom of religion and supportive of school choice.  While some change is minimal, I love being at a school where we open with student prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance and close with prayer as one community.  I hope your students are finding as I have, that their faith is growing through their time at St. Joseph’s. The hearts of children are so close to Christ. I love going into classrooms and hearing the students pray from their hearts.

Tammy Emerich is a strong instructional leader.  Mrs. Emerich and I both worked as assistant principals at Bishop Kelly together.  The addition of Fr. Mariusz to St. John’s July 1st will also be a great addition to the school and parish community.  He is young, supportive, and enthusiastic (even rides a motorcycle).

Thank you for your choosing St. Joseph’s for your student(s), service, time, and energy.  You add to the numerous blessings of St. Joseph’s community.


We invite all to Mass daily at 8:30 and each weekend at St. John’s.  We encourage you to check out parishes and cathedrals in the areas your summer adventures take you.  It is great to know our faith is the same regardless of the location or language. May you find time with the Lord wherever your summer takes you.


  • We are excited to announce the hiring of Cynthia Vieira as a second grade teacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  Mrs. Vieira has 21 years of experience teaching in Catholic Schools in Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas.  Mrs. Vieira has a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Mississippi. Her previous schools say she is awesome, collaborative, faithful, flexible, and is passionate about student learning.  Mrs. Vieira’s family is coming to Boise from Austin, TX. She is married and has a 7th grade daughter. Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Vieira to the St. Joseph’s Catholic School Community!
  • St. Joseph’s welcomes Kimberly Anderson as our new art teacher.  Mrs. Anderson is a 2006 Bishop Kelly Graduate.  She has been teaching art for 8 years in the West Ada School District at Victory and Lake Hazel middle schools.  One of her principal references referred to Mrs. Anderson, “As the best art teacher he has worked with. She gets students to make awesome art!”  Kimberly is a graduate of the College of Idaho.


  • David Maxwell will be the K-5 PE teacher and athletic director for St. Joseph’s teams and sports.  Mr. Maxwell will bring his energy to the gym this next year.  Mr. Maxwell motivates students and builds rapport with them well.  He has years of coaching experience at all ages from kindergarten through varsity level in high school.  Mr. Maxwell is transitioning from middle school English teacher to this position.


  • Tammy Emerich is the incoming principal.   Tammy is currently the principal at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Boise.  She and I worked together as assistant principals at Bishop Kelly High School. She is a strong instructional leader, and will be a blessing for St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  She has her educational specialist and nine years experience in Catholic administration. Please join me in welcoming her to St. Joseph’s.

St. Joseph’s Advisory School Board

  • Please welcome Gary Martinez (parent of a first grade student) to the school board.  He is replacing Caroline D’Souza (parent of a 7th grade student and two students at Bishop Kelly).  We thank Mrs. D’Souza for her service to the school board.

Annual St. Joseph’s Catholic School Parent Survey

Please take time to complete the following survey.  We use this information as part of our process for shaping goals and changes for next year.  Link to the 2018-2019 Survey

Class Placement

Class placement with suggested summer work and your student’s teacher’s name was emailed out yesterday, Thursday, June 13, 2019.  This will be viewable in Plus Portals as well.. *Class placement is always subject to change due to staffing or enrollment changes.  

Middle School Electives

This was texted to the parents of 6-8 grade students. Most parents have made requests for their students, however we are missing 15 students still.  Here is the link for elective requests


Boise finds itself as an area of continued growth.  As you gain new neighbors, and as your friends and colleagues discuss school considerations, please encourage them to take a look at St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  We have limited room in early grades (k-5). Thank you for your support and for your referrals.

2019-2020 Enrollment Total 389 Registered (57 New) with more near acceptance and enrollment

Grade K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Num. 32 (32) 39 (4) 40 (3) 41 (4) 40 (2) 42 (5) 51 (1) 52(4) 52 (3)

St. Joseph’s Class of 2015-Bishop Kelly Class of 2019 College Choices:

30/30 are College Bound and Accepted

Boise State University 4
Texas Christian University 4
University of Utah 3
Montana State University 2
University of Iowa 2
Boston College 1
College of Idaho 1
Furman University 1
Gonzaga University 1
Grand Canyon University 1
Occidental College 1
Purdue University 1
Santa Clara University 1
Shoreline Community College 1
United States Air Force Academy 1
University of California Santa Cruz 1
University of Idaho 1
Johns Hopkins University 1
University of San Diego 1
Whitworth University 1

What makes St. Joseph’s Catholic School the best school in Boise?  Snapshots of the State of Joseph’s 2019:

Changes coming for 2019-2020

    • Mascot: St. Joseph’s was first established in 1900 in Idaho City, Idaho.  Even as St. Joseph’s moved to the current brick building in the 1920s as an all boys Catholic high school, it kept the name St. Joseph’s and the mascot of the Saints.  Fr. Jerry has shared Idaho Statesman articles from the early 1940s of the St. Joseph’s boys playing against BJC (Boise Junior College, now known as Boise State University) in basketball at the YMCA, and winning.  As urban legend has it, sometime in the 1980s, St. Joseph’s could not afford new uniforms, so Boise High School donated their old uniforms and the elementary school became the St. Joseph’s Braves.  As we enter into our 121st year as a school we will transition to a mascot capturing our full history and one that fulfills our Catholic school mission of creating disciples of Christ. We will be the St. Joseph’s Brave Saints.


  • Academic Changes:
  • 7 Period Day:  one less class, longer classes for more direct instruction, longer lunch for students
  • Electives for 6-8th Grade:  new electives (intro to coding, baking, band and chance for all three grades to choose their elective to fulfill goal of elective (chance to engage students and broaden perspective)
  • Literacy Block Pilot in First Grade: 90 minute block with 5 stations to best meet student needs and grow literacy and comprehension levels even more than we do now.  If this goes well we will move to kindergarten and second grades and implement strategies for third, fourth, and fifth grades. I am leading a credit and book study for all teachers in these grades this summer.


Parents of 8th Grade Students Whose Students are Going to Bishop Kelly Next Year

In order to receive the Parish Subsidy at Bishop Kelly, the linked form must be completed and provide to your registered parish.  The Parish Subsidy is due to St. John’s no later than 4pm on June 28th.  Letter from Fr. Jerry to St. John’s parishioners.

2019-2020 Proposed School Calendar

SafeStudents Online

New Activation Method

To activate your account, please visit Select our school from the dropdown list and type in the email address you have on file with our school (your SafeStudents Online account is linked to your email address). If you have any questions or trouble with the process, please reach out to

This is for our families with students in grades 5-8.  The goal is to coach and provide students a safer and healthier online experience and provide open communication between parents and students.  All you need to do is sit down with your student(s) and take less than 5 minutes to set it up.

If you still have questions, please feel free to view the video link below and call or email questions to myself ( or our counselor Mrs. Porter (

Three new apps added to list for monitoring: GroupMe, Flickr, and Kidzworld.

Link to Video Explanation



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