Principal’s Post 9.20.18


Thank you to Mrs. Seibert and her 8th grade students for their leadership with Mass.  Thank you to everyone who joined us for Mass. Please know all are welcome each week. This week Deacon O’Neill shared he and his wife, Patty, will be praying for each student and staff member of St. Joseph’s the next two weeks as they walk the Camino de Santiago (the road James walked).  In turn, he asks that we keep him and Patty in all our prayers for this trip and experience. We are so blessed to have to have Deacon O’Neill in our community and for his commitment to pray, teach, and challenge us. Now we can help him with our prayers.

Fall Carnival Reminder

Come one, come all to our Fall Carnival this weekend.  Go to 5 pm Mass at St. John’s this Saturday and them come enjoy the carnival.  Fun for the whole family and all ages. There will be food, fun, and games. Saturday, September 22 from 6 pm-10 pm between the Cathedral and St. Joseph’s School.

Student Picture Day

Student Picture Day is next Friday, September 28.  As it is Spirit Friday, students can wear:

  • St. Joseph’s Spirit Shirt and Blue Jeans
  • Standard Uniform Dress
  • Picture Dress:
    • School Appropriate Dresses
    • Collared Shirts and
      • Slacks
      • Blue Jeans

Thank You

We want to thank and recognize Natalie Carlise for her contribution to St. Joseph’s Catholic School over the years.  Mrs. Carlise has served our students for more than twenty years as a classroom teacher, religion teacher, and reading specialist.  She has recently resigned to move on to new adventures. We wish Mrs. Carlise the best, and it is with prayers of gratitude we thank her.


Annie George, the Student Support Coordinator, will take on Mrs. Carlise’s students (students in grades k-3).  By doing this, students will not see a drop in services and it will provide consistency in the support program kindergarten through 8th grade.

Dress Code Reminder

Shoes: Solid color: black, brown, red, navy, gray, or white shoes are required.  Athletic shoes are acceptable any day but are required on P.E. days.

Socks: Solid red, navy blue, black or white socks. Socks are required every day and must be visible.  Socks should not have stripes or other designs (logos).  

SafeStudents Online (More of you are signing up, thank you!)

This is for our families with students in grades 5-8.  We have sent follow up email invites. We are looking to get 100% participation.  If you have not enrolled, please do so. If you did not receive a welcome email, please check your SPAM folder in you email, and if it is not there, please let me ( or Mrs. Porter ( know and we can send you a link that will allow you to access SafeStudents Online.  

These accounts are per family, so if you have older students in high school, you can add these students as well.

This is a program that Catholic schools back East have been using for grades 5-8, and their families love it.  This is to build trust between parents and students. Many of you have shared that you search through student phones, and this will do the searching for you and only alert you of worrisome material.  This also hopefully addresses and concerns students have about spying on them. The goal is to coach and provide students a safer and healthier online experience and provide open communication between parents and students.  The school does not get alerts; the alerts go to the parents. Please register and join us in piloting SafeStudents Online to provide a true and honest assessment of its use and application for our community. All you need to do is sit down with your student(s) and take less than 5 minutes to set it up.

If you still have questions, please feel free to view the video link below and call or email questions to myself ( or our counselor Mrs. Porter (

Link to Video Explanation



Link to Resources

PlusPortals (Grades/Attendance)

Emails with access to PlusPortals have been sent.  If you have not logged in, you can do so following the instructions in the email.  If you have not received an email, please let Mrs. Granvall know by calling (208-342-4909) or emailing (  There is a free app called ParentPlus that you can add to your phone.

School Directory

PlusPortals has a digital directory for staff, students, and parents.  Student name, homeroom, and gender are available. Parent name, email, phone, and address are available.  If you do not want this information available in the school directory, select your name in the top right, select Directory Listing, uncheck to list information in the school directory.

Student Safety

Safety Parent Letter

IDeal 529 College Savings Program funds- use them to pay for K-12 tuition!

What is a “529 plan”?

Named for Section 529 of the U.S. tax code, a 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment plan operated by a state to encourage saving for education expenses. As there is risk when investing in a 529 account, we are required to advise readers talk to a financial advisor.

Click here for a link the the 529 Frequently Asked Questions and other resources

There is also a $25 incentive for those to start saving and a chance at $800

Bravely act like a Saint today!

We are blessed to have a loving and supportive community.  As a Catholic community, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  When you see someone in our community going above and beyond leading by example and bravely acting like a saint, please let me know using the following link.

Upcoming Weekend Parish Hosted Masses at St. John’s Cathedral

Sat Oct. 20 5PM with choir
Sun Nov. 11 8AM with choir Yanci
Sun Dec. 9 10AM without choir
Sun Jan. 27 11:30 AM with choir (CSW)
Sun Feb. 10 5PM without choir
Sun Mar. 10 10AM with choir Weaver/Howard
Sat Apr. 27 5PM with choir (1st Communion)
Sun May 19 1PM Spanish without choir

Bravely act like a saint today!