Principal’s Post – 9/14/17


This week Fr. Antonio calls for us to heal and love one another. We cannot all go to Texas, Florida, or the Caribbean, but we can all pray. Please pray for all who live in areas facing natural disasters. Please pray for the responders and organizations working to assist all of those in need.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated Mass with us this week. May everyone always feel welcome to join us for Mass.  


PlusPortals has a digital directory for staff, students, and parents. Student name, homeroom, and gender are available. Parent name, email, phone, and address are available. If you do not want this information available in the school directory, select your name in the top right, select Directory Listing, uncheck to list information in the school directory.

MAP Testing

Grades 2-8 will be taking MAP tests next week (September 18-22). Grades 2-4 take three tests: Reading, Language, and Math. Grades 5-8 will take four tests: Reading, Language, Math, and Science. Students take these tests twice a year to measure and monitor growth in student learning. Bishop Kelly uses the spring (April 23-27) scores from the 8th grade students as their placement scores.  

Link to the top 6 answers to questions from parents regarding MAP Testing


St. Joseph’s Catholic School welcomes Christine Elwer as the K-4th grade PE teacher and middle school aide. Mrs. Elwer has 7 years’ teaching experience as a 2nd and 4th grade teacher in Illinois. She is a UCLA graduate and a mother of 4 girls. The oldest is a 2017 Bishop Kelly graduate and current freshman at the University of Arizona, and the triplets are juniors at Bishop Kelly. Aside from keeping up with 4 teenage daughters, Mrs. Elwer has been regularly teaching with the PE department at Bishop Kelly the last 4 years. She is excited to return to her elementary roots and to be a part of a Catholic school as teacher.

Picnic Style Lunch Day

The work on the sewer line is slated to start next Thursday, September 21. Weather permitting, we will eat lunch outside on this day in order to avoid eating in classrooms. We will have an area for students with food allergies just as we do in the cafeteria. We should be able to return to the cafeteria the next day. We are likely still three weeks out from the kitchen being fully up and running for the year.

Bravely act like a saint today!

*St. Joseph’s opened in 1900 as the St. Joseph’s Saints, an all boys high school. Over time, the school transitioned into an elementary. Then, as folklore has it, some time in the mid to late 1980s, Boise High School gave St. Joseph’s some old uniforms and the transition from Saints to Braves came about. This phrase is to acknowledge the whole history of the school and the call of Catholic education to create disciples of Jesus to go forth into the world today.