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Who do I contact if I want to help?

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Event Chairs: Brittney Scigliano
Silent Auction Chair:
Live Auction Chair:
Marketing & Communication/Auction Program: Kendall Mooney
Art Projects: Kari Forney
Decorations: MaryPat Muguira
Dessert Auction: Michelle Hebert
Class Baskets:
Teacher Treasures:
Auction Host: Greater Giving

Crab Feed FAQs

What is the Crab Feed?

The Crab Feed is the major fundraiser for St. Joseph’s School. It is held each spring, and consists of a dessert, silent and live auction as well as an online auction. As part of the live auction, beautiful pieces of art made by your children will also be auctioned off as a one of a kind masterpiece!

Why is it called the Crab Feed?

In the early years, St. Joseph’s School families used to go to the Oregon coast and get crab. They would then bring it back to Boise and host a crab feed as a fundraiser in the school cafeteria. They would set up tables complete with red checkered tablecloths and make any additional food in the church kitchen. Today, we maintain the name; however, the meal may or may not contain crab.

Why should I attend the Crab Feed?

The Crab Feed is a great opportunity for our school and church to come together to celebrate our amazing community and help ensure that we are able to meet our financial obligations for the school’s operating budget. There will be time to socialize, share a wonderful sit-down meal, bid on some fabulous items and continue to help build on the tradition first established long ago with the humble beginnings of the Crab Feed.

What are the details for the 2022 Crab Feed?

The 2022 Crab Feed will be held on Saturday, March 12th from 5-11pm. The event will be The Great Crabsby, a roaring 20’s themed night!

Where do I get tickets for the Crab Feed?

Crab Feed tickets will be available for purchase online at our auction website hosted by Greater Giving. Dinner selections, pre-registration, sponsorship information and much more can be found at our auction website. Look for the link to our auction page on our website and in our Crab Feed Chronicles communications in the coming days.

Do I need to buy them in advance?

Last year, the Crab Feed sold out. We want as many people as possible to participate, so don’t delay in getting your tickets and risk missing out on this wonderful event!

What goes into planning the Crab Feed?

Planning for this year’s Crab Feed is well underway. Since the beginning of the school year,  the Crab Feed chairs have been meeting to discuss enhancements for this year’s event, secured a venue, determined a theme, and established chairs to head the various positions. It takes a team to help with this event! Be sure to read the weekly Crab Feed Chronicles sent out every Wednesday to stay up to date on auction information as well as stay informed of our on-going needs. Remember 5 of your 25 volunteer hours must go toward helping with a school fundraiser.

What do you need from me, as a parent, for the Crab Feed?

There are many ways that you can get involved to make sure this event is a success. No donation or involvement on your part is too small or too big! To reference the cliche, it really does take a village to pull this event off each year and we could not do it without the support of our wonderful parents. There are multiple ways to contribute your gifts of time and talents. The following is a list of ways to help:

  • Donate an item to our live or silent auctions
  • Donate a dessert to our dessert auction either a homemade specialty or from a local bakery
  • Donate to your child’s classroom basket that will be in the silent auction
  • Advertise in the auction program for your local business or place of work
  • Table sponsorships for the event are also available and are a great way to both support the school and promote your local business
  • Underwrite a portion of our auction expenses in order to offset the cost of putting on the event
  • Join the solicitations team and help solicit items from the community and school families
  • Volunteer to assist the art project coordinators and help with the creation of the class art projects
  • Volunteer on the day of the event to help with set-up, check-in/check-out, and clean up.
  • Reach out to Kendall Mooney at or 208-342-4909 to discuss ways to get involved or determine where your talents may be best utilized