Volunteer Hours

Dear Parent, 

In order to ensure that St. Joseph’s Catholic School has accurate volunteer information for your student(s), please take a few minutes to record your family’s current volunteer hours. 

St. Joseph’s Catholic School requires each family to volunteer a minimum of 25 hours or more during the course of the school year, 5 hours of which are related to fund-raising activities. A two (2) hour limit is placed on the recording of hours for the donation of baked goods to events. Please note your hours will be approved by the St. Joseph’s Business Manager after submission.

Instructions for Logging Volunteer Hours

Families may submit hours by using the link you received via email, or by submitting your hours through Plus Portals.

Log Your Volunteer Hours

If you receive a multiple session error, please close your browser window (not just the tab) and click the link again. 

How to submit volunteer hours through Plus Portals:

  1. Log in to Plus Portals at https://plusportals.com/Stjoes
  2. Click on the Forms tab
  3. Click View/Edit
  4. Click the “Add Another” button on the right
  5. Fill out the form
  6. Click the “Submit” button at the bottom 

Thank you for helping us keep your information up to date!