St. Joe’s Facility

There has been a lot of information lately in the news regarding lead in the drinking water, especially as it impacts children in schools.  Prior to spring break, St. Joe’s School tested all drinking sinks and fountains in the school and parish hall/cafeteria.  Our water was rated as safe for lead!  Please know that student safety is top priority for our school, and we try to keep on top of routine maintenance to ensure students are safe.

Also, during spring break, the roof over the older section of the building was redone.  The roof was approximately 30 years old, and we experienced some leaking this winter.  St. John’s parish provided $12,000 for the cost of the roof repair, which was almost half of the total cost ($25,000 estimated).  We are grateful for St. John’s support of our ministry.

During the Crab Feed, we raised $46,400 for the Fund an Item.  This money was raised for a student support package to add a counseling office by the main office, and to remodel the reading specialist space to allow for two groups to work simultaneously.  Any extra money will go to help cover the cost of the roof repair.  We hope to get final approval from the Diocesan Building Committee on  April 13 so we can move forward with the project.  The goal is to complete construction in July 2016.

St. Joe’s is in the process of hiring a full time counselor for the 2016-17 school year.  Mrs. Mora has chosen not to continue as counselor next year.  The full job posting is available here.  If you know a good candidate, please encourage them to apply prior to April 12, 2016.