St. Joseph’s School is a community

St. Joseph’s School is more than a school–we are a community!

Last week, we had a jean day to raise funds for Mr. Haji, one of our custodians, who lost his grocery store when the Boise International Market burned.  The community’s response to help one of our members was overwhelming.  At Mass on Oct. 6, we presented funds to help him reestablish his family store.  He and his family are so grateful!

Also in Mass on Oct. 6, I watch a 5th grade student help his kindergarten buddy make the three signs of the cross before the Gospel reading.  The 5th grade student was patient and leaned down to teach the younger student how to fully participate in Mass.

I just walked in from recess, and an injured student was playing a game with another student instead of being outside.  The student who was injured told me, “I always want to play with him because he is my best friend.”

We are fortunate to be part of this community.  We reach out and help one another when s/he has a need.  All ages and levels are included in this outreach.

There are two community activities that I want to remind you about: our school Mass at the parish THIS Saturday night (Oct. 10) at 5 p.m.  Please come join our students who will be participating in several roles at Mass.

The other activity is community service.  Each student is supposed to participate in an individual service project.  This is an opportunity to help our students engage in assisting others.  I would like to share opportunities for students to engage in on this blog in the future.  Please email me, if you have found opportunities for students to connect and serve (especially at younger ages).

Thank you for being part of our community.  You are a blessing to our school!