STEM Bus at St. Joseph’s Catholic School April 10

  • We are happy to announce that our school will be hosting the Mobile STEM Lab and Assembly, sponsored by the Micron Foundation, on April gives a truly unique and hands-on experience so students can dive into science, technology, engineering, and math. The STEM Mobile Discovery Lab is equipped with the latest technologies, enabling 30+ students at a time to learn and explore. Students can expect to see drones, robots, smoke and explosions. They will also get to experience high-end, hands-on tools like virtual reality, circuitry and much, much more! This day will be full of fun and learning!
  • K-5 students will attend an assembly and then spend time on the STEM bus and a classroom working with the technologies.
  • We look forward to hosting on our campus and can’t wait for you to hear the stories your students are sure to come home with!
  • To get a glimpse of what’s to come, take a look at this video, and you’ll see why this day is so exciting!