Technology at St. Joe’s

For the 2016-17 school year, kindergarten through 2nd grade purchased a cart of devices.  The devices are called Unobooks, and they have a tablet with touchscreen, as well as a keyboard that the tablet plugs into.  The classroom teachers are just starting to use the devices as a center in their classroom; students can work on AR (Accelerated Reader), or RazKids (a reading program), or other learning games/activities.

Two years ago, a team wrote a Technology Replacement Plan for St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  It is a five year plan that ensures that we are keeping technology available for our students to continue to learn and grow.  The $50 technology fee paid at the beginning of the school year helps fund this technology replacement plan.

The goals of the Technology Replacement Plan are:

  • to continue to provide devices, training, and resources to prepare our students for a highly-technological world
  • our school is almost 1 device to 1 student (including laptops, Chromebooks, computers in the classrooms, and the computer lab); we want to maintain this level
  • to be fiscally responsible by replacing equipment only when it is not usable, but to replace with current up-to-date devices

Technology is one of the goal of our accreditation.  The goal states:  “Develop our students and staff for the efficient and responsible use of technology while calling upon their Christian values.”

We want to prepare students to be responsible learners and citizens in the community, and technology is a reality of life.