The end of Catholic Schools Week

This week, we have been building a bridge from our school (St. Joseph’s Catholic School) to our parish (St. John’s Cathedral).  Students have written about mercy, dressed as saints, and demonstrated their jump rope and hula hoop skills.  It has been a great week of celebrating being a Catholic School.  Please join us for Mass on Sunday, Jan. 31 at 11:30 a.m.  We will present the parish with the check from our fundraiser this week.

Registration packets will go out to current families on Monday, Feb. 1.  Please return the forms and the fees by Tuesday, Feb. 16 to guarantee your spot for next year.  Registration will go out to new students on Feb. 17, if there are any open spots.

Why choose St. Joseph’s Catholic School?

  1. St. Joe’s is committed to remaining  the best K-8 school in Idaho as measured by test scores and high school and college graduation rates.   
  2. We  take pride in being a part of each child’s spiritual, social, physical, and citizenship journey.
  3. We are a community.
  4. St. Joe’s is an excellent value.