What I am thankful for…

I am thankful for a school where the teachers spend their lunch time playing basketball with the students (see image above).  I am thankful for a school where we can pray for the needs of our staff and families.  I am thankful for a school where we can sing Christmas songs that talk about Christ’s birth.  I am thankful for a school with high academic expectations and learning outcomes.

From students in the cafeteria–I am thankful for…

God’s creations



my house

my heart

my body


my parents

the earth

my mom


God beause God is everything that is love; He is also my life, and my love.  I am also thankful for my life because I can be creative.  Finally, I am thankful for bacon because it is a nice, crunchy breakfast.

nature, God, and family because they are all nice, and nature is beautiful, and family is loving, and God is everywhere.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we invite all Grandparents and special friends to join us for Mass on Tuesday, Nov. 22.  Also, we will not have school Wed., Nov. 23-Friday, Nov. 25.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.