Why is there no school on Thursday and Friday?

The first Thursday and Friday of October have historically been professional development days for teachers in the state of Idaho.  This year, St. Joseph’s School’s teachers will be attending the first ever Catholic Educators’ Conference (CEC).   There are 15 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Boise; Summit Academy was just added to the Diocese of Boise in summer 2016.  All 15 schools will be joining together for the CEC.  There are also strands at CEC for Youth Ministers and Directors of Religious Education.

Oct. 6 & 7, principals and teachers from the 15 schools in the Diocese of Boise will be meeting at Bishop Kelly High School to collaborate and learn from one another.  The sessions in the educators’ strand of the conference were planned by teachers and will be taught by teachers.  St. Joe’s Mrs. Watanabe and Mrs. Cox will be leading a session on standards-based grading.  Mr. Grant will be leading a session on Google Classroom, and I will be leading a session on Google Forms.  Our teachers will have an opportunity to choose sessions that are relevant and will improve their classroom instruction.

The Diocese of Boise is also working to write a curriculum K-12 for math and English Language Arts (ELA).  At this conference, our teachers will have an opportunity to see the new curriculum and provide input.  St. Joe’s will begin implementing the new curricula next year.  The curricula were planned with backwards design (from Bishop Kelly High School down), so all of our students will leave St. Joe’s prepared to go to Bishop Kelly High School.

Bishop Peter Christensen and Father Fragomeni will be speaking to educators at the conference.   Teachers will have an opportunity to participate in Mass, reconciliation, and adoration.  At St. John’s we have an opportunity to see the Holy Doors each week; however, teachers from around the state will be making a pilgrimage to view the doors.  It will be a spiritual, as well as an academic, opportunity.

Thank you for your patience, as your students have two days off of school this week.  We are taking full opportunity of these days to grow as educators to better serve your students.