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Welcome to St. Joe’s! We welcome the opportunity to educate your children! If you are interested in our school, we suggest you start your experience with a School Tour.  If you are interested in scheduling a School Tour or attending the Spring Open House, please call us at 208-342-4909, or email

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Shadow Day

Shadow Days are for prospective students whose families have completed a school tour. Students interested in learning more about St. Joe’s are invited to schedule a Shadow Day to experience a day in the life at St. Joe’s. Your child will be paired with a current classmate and will attend classes, meet new friends, and be introduced to faculty and staff.

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Why Choose St. Joe’s?

St. Joe’s is a special place. Our School-Wide Learning Expectations are an integral part of defining the school’s purpose. The five expectations are Spiritual, Academic, Citizenship, Social, and Physical. At St. Joseph’s it is the belief that a well-rounded person should possess all five of the traits outlined in the SLE’s. The SLE’s relate to St. Joe’s purpose of creating a student who can be a productive member of the Church and society. We believe that helping students to strive for achievement in all SLE areas will further their success beyond St. Joe’s.
Please enjoy these videos that highlight each of our SLEs:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child? What paperwork will I need?

Upon receipt of the following, your child may be placed on a waiting list for future openings:

  • Completed  New Student Application
  • $53 non-refundable application fee paid via the new student application
  • Baptism and Birth Certificates uploaded to the new student application
  • Health information including complete immunization records (required by the state of Idaho) uploaded to the new student application
  • Most recent report cards and standardized test scores (not required for kindergarten) uploaded to the new student application

When can I put my preschool student on the waiting list?

You may put your child on the waiting list once they turn 4 years old. Students must be 5 years of age by midnight, September 1 to enter kindergarten.

When can I put my grade school student on the waiting list?

Online applications are accepted year round. Students may be enrolled throughout the year depending on openings.

When will I know if my child has been admitted? How will I be contacted?

Placement is offered in order of priority. First priority is given to siblings of currently enrolled students. Second priority is given to parishioners of St. John’s Cathedral. Third priority are Catholics belonging to other area parishes. Fourth priority are non-Catholics.

Registration for current students occurs in the early spring. All openings are then filled in order of priority from the new student applications on file. Offers of enrollment are sent via email. Please be sure to update us if your contact information changes.