Mission & Philosophy

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St. Joseph’s Catholic School seeks to provide all children with an opportunity to develop spiritually, academically, morally, emotionally, and physically, in an environment of Christ-centered attitudes and values. Staff and parents are committed to preparing students to take their place in their own community and the world at-large by fostering a love for lifelong learning and a responsibility to others.

School-wide Learning Expectations

The School-wide Learning Expectations (SLE’s) are an integral part of defining the school’s purpose. The five expectations are Spiritual, Academic, Citizenship, Social, and Physical. At St. Joseph’s it is the belief that a well-rounded person should possess all five of the traits outlined in the SLE’s. The SLE’s relate to St. Joe’s purpose of creating a student who can be a productive member of the Church and society. We believe that helping students to strive for achievement in all SLE areas will further their success beyond St. Joe’s.

St. Joseph’s students receive a strong foundation for future academic success. Staffed with dedicated, experienced teachers, our students are taught to:

  • Be responsible
  • Have a love of learning
  • Be creative
  • Demonstrate perseverance

At St. Joseph’s Catholic School, there is a high priority on God, faith, and connection to our community. Our school as a whole strives to meet this standard by:

  • Being friends of God
  • Doing what Jesus would do
  • Living the Catholic faith
  • Serving others

St. Joseph’s students have healthy bodies and make healthy choices, positively sharing their gifts and talents. Our students:

  • Display good sportsmanship
  • Make healthy choices
  • Share gifts and talents

St. Joseph’s students are good citizens with a global awareness. They:

  • Are good citizens locally and globally
  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • Use common courtesy

St. Joseph’s students are Christ-like in action. They appreciate, respect and have compassion for others.

  • Appreciate and respect differences
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Exhibit empathy