School-wide Learning Expectation: Academic

St. Joseph’s students receive a strong foundation for future academic success. Staffed with dedicated, experienced teachers, our students are taught:

  • Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance
  • A love of learning

St. Joseph’s Catholic School:

  • Is fully accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association
  • Participates in the Measure of Academic Performance (MAP) testing fall and spring.
  • Meets or exceeds state curricular guidelines for each grade level
  • Reviews and revises curriculum on a rotational basis in conjunction with the State of Idaho requirements
  • Teaches religion in every grade as part of the academic core
  • Embeds the beliefs and values of the Catholic Church in every aspect of every day
  • Incorporates religion as a function of daily life including: moral decision making, good citizenship and discussion and consideration of world and local events
  • Gets students involved in planning and participating in weekly student-focused liturgies
  • Includes a community service component designed to give students hands-on experience in understanding and responding to the needs of the less fortunate
The following areas are included in the overall curriculum of St. Joseph’s School:

Diocese of Boise’s Catholic Schools Curriculum Guidelines

Religion: faith formation, sacramental preparation (grade 2), community service, knowledge of faith, teaching to pray, moral education, liturgical education, education community, missionary initiative

Math: basic facts, number concepts, computation, problem-solving, critical- thinking, algebra, probability, graphs, data collection, geometry, measurement, time, money, calculators

Language Arts: reading, literature, spelling, composition, handwriting, speaking and listening skills, comprehension, word analysis, vocabulary, grammar, research, usage of dictionary and thesaurus

Science: physical, earth, life, environmental, and space sciences, scientific method

Social Studies: citizenship, current affairs, history, work, geography, democratic process, American heritage, societies, economics

Health: mental/emotional, physical and social well-being, family life, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, community and environmental health, consumer health, disease prevention, health promotion, personal safety, and nutrition

Physical Education: perceptual-motor development, individual and team sport skills, rhythms, dance, movement education, lifetime fitness, nutrition, health and safety, games, values, personal and social behavior, and muscular and skeletal systems

Spanish: basic vocabulary and conversational language, Spanish culture

Computer Education: computer functions, word processing, keyboarding, curriculum support

Media Center: library use, research, use of literature collection

Fine Arts: visual art, aesthetic understanding, art criticism, art history, music appreciation, vocal music, theory, performance, production, drama

Electives are offered in the 7th and 8th grades. These include Drama, Art, Technology, Effective Study Habits, and Spanish. The Spanish curriculum is equivalent to Bishop Kelly’s Spanish 1 first semester curriculum.

Grade Level Overview and Curriculum:

Academic Activities and Events:

Quiz Bowl: Competing against other area schools in a game-show like format, Quiz Bowl is a team-based academic competition held in conjunction with TVCS (link to TVCS website).

Science Fair: Middle school students may elect to compete in our St. Joe’s Science Fair held in the fall. First, second and third place winners are chosen.

Science Olympiad: This nationally organized extracurricular science event has two Divisions: Division B for 6th-9th grades and Division C for 9th-12th grades. Our middle school students begin working in the fall on hands-on science-based activities that include research, laboratory and building events. A state-wide competition is held in the spring at Northwest Nazarene University From there the winning team is sent on to the National Competition which is held on a different college campus every year. St. Joe’s has advanced to nationals by winning the state competition 7 out of the last 8 years! See this website for more information regarding Science Olympiad.

State Spelling Bee: St. Joe’s sends one winner from each grade on to the next level of competition. It all begins with a school competition in the spring.

St. Joe’s students also compete in other various school-wide, local, regional and national art, speech, and writing competitions.