Community Service

School-wide Learning Expectation: Citizenship

  • Good citizens locally and globally
  • Follow Golden Rule
  • Use common courtesy

St. Joseph’s Catholic School’s Religious Education Program incorporates a community service component in the curriculum. In an effort to bring the classroom and textbook values into a real world context, the emphasis for this program is placed on community service.

Students who do not complete the Individual Community Service and turn in the class appropriate form (below) by the deadline will receive an incomplete on their Community Service component of the Religious grade.

Individual Community Service Form (K-3 & 4-5)

Individual Community Service Form (Middle School)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we do community service?

The Community Service Program is part of the Religious Education Curriculum, designed to help students develop a Christian social conscience. It is intended as a supplement to the classroom religious education. It is designed to give students a hands-on experience in understanding and responding to the needs of those less fortunate.

How is the Class Community Service Project organized?

The Class Community Service Project is organized and facilitated almost entirely by parent volunteers. Each classroom is assigned a Community Service Classroom Parent. That volunteer is responsible for organizing the Group Classroom Project for each class. The Classroom Parent works with the teacher to develop an age-appropriate project that the entire class will participate in. The Classroom Parent will also communicate with parents regarding the Group Classroom Project.

If I have a question about my child's Group Classroom Project, whom do I contact?

Contact the Classroom Parent for your child’s class. A list of classroom parents is sent home at the beginning of each school year. If you do not have that information, you may contact the teacher.

How many hours must my child complete in community service?

A total of three hours is required. This includes both the Group Project and the Individual Project. Since most Group Projects generally take one and one half to two hours, families can plan on creating an Individual Project of no more than two hours. As we tell the children, if your project is from the heart, you will not have a problem with the hourly requirement.

If I am having trouble deciding on an Individual Project, where can I go for ideas?

The Community Service Program organizes two events during the school year, which your child can participate in with other St. Joseph’s children, but receive credit for the individual project. These opportunities have included Rake-Up Boise in the fall and Christmas caroling at Sanctuary House.

My child is in Kindergarten. Does she/he still have to complete Community Service?

Every child at St. Joseph’s, K-8, must complete both an Individual and Group Community Service Project. Of course, projects should be age-appropriate, to provide the best possible experience for the student.

When are the forms due?

Parents do not need to complete a form for the Group Project. Parents do need to assure that a form is completed for the Individual Project and turned in by the date set by the classroom teacher each school year.

If we completed a project over the summer, does that "count" as our community service project?

Any project completed since the last school year, for which your child did not receive credit last year, can be counted as an Individual Community Service Project, if it meets the other criteria.

What if I have questions about whether our idea for community service qualifies?

If you have any questions about whether your project qualifies, it is best to check it out before you complete the project.